Term for derogatory suffix used with city names?

When speaking of a city in negative terms one might attach a prefix/suffix to the city name. This nickname is a portmanteau that implies a derogatory tone. Most often this will be a negative term but can also be another geographic name. Is there a specialized term for this use? I’m particularly interested in a term for the geographic modifier case.


  • I live in Spokcompton. (Spokane + Compton)
  • He lives in Fayettnam. (Fayetteville + Vietnam)
  • Hollyweird
  • Fithadelphia


No, there is no extant word in English to use for this concept.

A possible neologism is


a portmanteau of ‘demonym’, the name of a place, and ‘dysphemism’, derogatory term used for a neutral one.

Source : Link , Question Author : psl , Answer Author : Mitch

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