Term for wall corner facing out?

I thought about posting this in woodworking, but everything there seems to be related to actual problems in carpentry.

I’m trying to describe a kitten’s behaviour: Frisky’s so desperate for an opponent to wrestle with, even the [wall corner] will do. I want to know if there’s a technical term for this kind of corner. I already tried searching here and also googling convex corner, corner facing out, and wall corner facing out, all without finding the sought after term.

Here’s a picture of the actual thing:

enter image description here


There is a word quoin or coign, which were originally variants of coin but relate to corner. Per the OED:

  1. Building.

    • a. Originally: an external angle of a wall; an outer corner of a building. Subsequently also: any of the stones or bricks serving to form this angle; a cornerstone. Cf. coin n. 1.

      Esp. used of cornerstones of a material or decoration differing from that of the rest of the wall.

    • b. An internal angle or corner of a wall, esp. of a room. Also: a recess in a wall, as for a gate; = hollow quoin n. at hollow adj. and adv. Special uses 3b.

The coign version is less often seen these days. The OED says that when it means the same as quoin, then quoin is the ordinary modern spelling.

Various other specialized senses of quoin exist, but this is the oldest of them all.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wordster , Answer Author : tchrist

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