The difference between “shy” and “ashamed”

What is the difference between shy and ashamed as in the following example?

He is not shy to tell the truth.
He is not ashamed to tell the truth.


There is a big difference. To be shy means timid and reserved in the company of others, while ashamed means to feel a sense of shame about oneself or something one did.


shy 1 | sh ī|
adjective ( shyer , shyest )
1 being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people : I was pretty shy at school | a shy smile.
• [ predic. ] ( shy about) slow or reluctant to do (something) : she has never been shy about discussing her efforts to raise aesthetic standards. • [in combination ] having a dislike of or aversion to a specified thing : they were a little camera-shy.

ashamed |əˈ sh āmd|
adjective [ predic. ]
embarrassed or feeling guilt because of something one has done or a characteristic one has : you should be ashamed of yourself | [with clause ] she felt ashamed that she had hit him.

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