The figurative meaning of the word exotic

The words exotic, as it seems, is somehow related to the word exit; This justifies it’s literal meaning which could be found everywhere.

What I’m looking for is the figurative meaning of the word. Like when we talk about the exotic way of doing something or exotic examples of something.

To my mind, in these cases exotic only means strange or weird. Am I right? Furthermore, doesn’t it sound more positive than the above "meanings" (regardless of the context and in the usual situations)?

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I’m not sure the usage you’re talking about is "figurative." Yes, if you want to be literally literal about the meaning of the word "literal," then a literal meaning should be closely tied to a word’s etymology. But exotic‘s relationship to exit is that they both come from exo meaning "outside." That could be outside one’s country, or simply outside of normal experience. Scientists talk about exotic forms of matter, and they certainly don’t mean that it has anything to do with distant lands.

Source : Link , Question Author : k1.M , Answer Author : Andy Bonner

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