‘The information entered’ or ‘The entered information’?

Regards.. I would like to discuss about the comparison of the following two sentences :

We provide the information entered to the management.

We provide the entered information to the management.

I am confident that the word ‘entered’ here acts as an adjective for the object information, so the second sentence is correct and more appropriate than the first one.

But I also had found the first sentence in an official organization and company website.

The grammar rule in particular but not limited to it, may I have some view on this?


We send management the entered data.

We send management the data entered.

In the first case, entered is the past participle of enter functioning as an adjective.

In the second case, entered is a the same past participle as post-positioned modifier, a reduced clause.

If there is any slight difference between them, I would say the first refers to the data as being now in the database and the second refers to the information as having been entered into the database, that is the second retains a stronger sense of the data-entry process.

We bring on a team of unpaid interns to read through the material and
enter the data into the database, and then we send management the
{entered data|the data entered} in the form of an exported CSV file.

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