The meaning of “scoots” as noun in Irish slang

In the second season, episode 4 of Derry Girls, in the last two minutes, the girls are caught trying to get rid of ‘happy’ scones, flushing them through the toilet, which gets clogged. In the next scene, someone asks Erin kindly:

How are your scoots now, Erin, love?

Considering the scene before it, I’d assume scoots here means bowels. But I’ve never heard this expression. I understand that dogs or cats can “scoot”, and that as a verb it’s a rather common word. But none of the dictionaries I consulted online (Oxford, Cambridge, Webster, The Free Online Dictionary) mentions such meaning as a noun at all. And it doesn’t seem related to its meaning as a verb either.

Is this Irish slang? Or (not so) common use of the word in this meaning in common English? And more importantly, as non native speaker, is there some tongue-in-cheek I’m missing?

PS: Later, same scene, the word is used again:

Can we please stop talking about Erin’s scoots, we’re about to have our tea.


According to the free dictionary scoots means

(slang) Diarrhea

Which is in context with the scene you’re describing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Abel , Answer Author : 3kstc

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