The most opposite word of “the largest”

When we compare numbers of people, we can use the phrases:

  • “The highest/lowest number of people was”
  • “The biggest/smallest number of people was”
  • “The most/least people were”

That the word "lowest" is an antonym for the word "highest".

What is an antonym of the word "largest" when we compare numbers of people?

  • “The **largest/_________ number of people was”**

Is it the word "tiniest"?
But number of usage times on google is quite low


This is slightly tricky. Same quantifiers can be used to describe different
items. For example: ‘largest’ can refer to size and also number. In your question, we can write

The largest/smallest number of people was

Again, ‘tiniest’ cannot make any sense because we are talking about ‘number’ of people here.

Source : Link , Question Author : hbtpoprock , Answer Author : k.rodmann

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