The “preying” mantis female is said to devour its “mail” during copulation. Considering these mistakes unintentional, what would we call them?

Is there such thing as “a written malapropism” or “a slip of the pen”? Or are they just simple spelling mistakes? If they were unintentional, they couldn’t be considered puns or a play with words, I presume.


The one you’ve listed (presuming the qoutes are yours) is a simple homophones:

(Linguistics) one of a group of words pronounced in the same way but differing in meaning or spelling or both, as for example bear and bare.

It’s not a pun, because eating its mail makes no sense.

A slip of the pen is regarded as a type of heterophemy, the unintentional use of an incorrect or inappropriate word or phrase in speech or writing. – Richard Nordquist

Source : Link , Question Author : Centaurus , Answer Author : anongoodnurse

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