The white car is ____ more expensive than the green

The white car is _________ more expensive than the green

(Options: very, pretty, fairly, slightly).

The answer given is slightly. Could you explain why this option is given as the correct one and others are not?

More expensive is an adjective. And I think very, pretty, fairly and slightly are adverbs. So to describe this adjective, can we also use the adverbs very and pretty, instead of slightly?

As I entered this in a grammar correction tool it indicated I should use much as a quantifier after pretty. i.e.

The white car is pretty much more expensive

Is this is correct?


First, adverbs of degree before another adverb will modify that adverb only, not the whole phrase that the adverb is a part of. So, while “more expensive” is an adjective phrase, all of the possible answer words only modify the comparative adverb “more”.

Second, although all the answer words are adverbs, different types of adverbs have different rules about what they can modify. Slightly can modify the comparative adverb “more”, while very, pretty, and fairly cannot.

So, “slightly” correctly modifies “more”, while the other words make for bad grammar. Other adverbs that have similar functions and rules to “slightly” include “a lot”, “much”, “somewhat”, and “no”, among others.

Source : Link , Question Author : jbn , Answer Author : gotube

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