till someone’s butt falls out

It’s from Adventure Time:

We’ll work together and use that serum you made. The one that was “Ah!
So Spice!” And spice-bomb him non-stop ’till his butt falls out! How’s
that sound?

To make it clear, they’re just pranking the guy to irritate him and make him go away.

What does this phrase mean, both literally and idiomatically?

I know that hair or teeth can fall out, but I can’t picture a butt fall out.

Or does fall out mean leave here as in:

It’s late, George. I have to fall out.


As with the vast majority of the content in Adventure Time, this phrase is intentionally nonsensical. It is by no means idiomatic in every day English. With that said, based on the given context, here’s my best guess:

Since the serum they are planning to make is highly spicy and therefore highly acidic, the thought is that the digestive process will painful for their target, especially during the final stage of the process (excretion). If you’ve ever eaten too many jalapenos, you know what I’m talking about.

It is fairly common in American comedy at least (I can’t speak for the UK or elsewhere) to exaggerate the effects of an action to the extreme for comedic effect. This is especially true in children’s comedy, such as Adventure Time. So please don’t take it literally when the speaker talks about the target’s “butt fall[ing] out”. It won’t really, but if the serum is as spicy as they hope, the target may wish it would because of the pain involved.

Source : Link , Question Author : stillenat , Answer Author : Ken Bellows

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