To answer indirect question starting with “Whether” using “Yes” or “No”

I have a technical document with the following table:

(A comparison table of the functions that are used to search for and replace strings.)

                | Whether the search is case-sensitive
RegExReplace()  | It depends on the i) option.
StringReplace() | It depends on the third argument of a function call.
SubStr()        | No.
Trim()          | Yes, always.

Is it correct to use "Yes" and "No" in such a case? (The last two rows of the table.)

Since "Whether the search is case-sensitive" is indirect question (or maybe it’s not even question at all?), I’m not sure that using "Yes" and "No" is permitted here.

A possible workaround is to change the column header to "If the search is case-sensitive?". It seems it will resolve the issue, but I would prefer to keep "whether".


A technical question, but we use English to control technology so it deserves an answer.

The heading could be profitably put in question form: "Is the search case-sensitive?"

If searching a string for a substring it seems sensible to ignore case (by default, at least), so the answer No is appropriate.

If trimming a string it seems likely that the search will be influenced by capitals and proper names, so checking case is a sensible default (to find Major Brown but not major brown). So Yes is appropriate; there is no need for always.

You are only asking about the last two rows, However, I note incidentally that the second row might be improved by saying which function requires the third argument. I assume it is the StringReplace() function; if so why not say so? Something like "determined by the third argument"

Source : Link , Question Author : john c. j. , Answer Author : Anton

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