Torrential +downpour?

At this very moment, I am adding the word ”torrential”(adjective) in my vocabulary list(also it sounds awesome and smart to say this-just from a non-native perspective hehe)however, Goggle exemplifies its usage in a sentence that says:

a torrential downpour

Come to think of it:

  • torrential=a rapid and copius in quantity(also heavy)
  • downpour=a heavy rain

”A torrential downpour” will mean ”a heavy heavy rain” am I right that it now becomes redundant/incorrect?


Using those definitions it does sound redundant, but it adds colour to the phrase.

It was a downpour

sounds bad

It was a torrential downpour

Makes me think of rain where you are soaked to the skin through your waterproof coat before you make the garden gate.

Source : Link , Question Author : John Arvin , Answer Author : WendyG

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