toward/towards PhD degree [closed]

I’m a little confused about using toward and towards in sentences. For a PhD student is it correct to say:

He is moving toward PhD degree


He is moving towards PhD degree


Should I use the before PhD in this sentence?


Are you trying to say that a person is enrolled in a PhD program and trying to obtain a PhD degree? There are better ways to say this:

  • He is pursuing his/a PhD.
  • He is working toward(s)/on his/a PhD.
  • He is getting his/a PhD.

All of these variations are common, at least in American English, and have roughly the same meaning. The last version might imply a higher degree of certainty that he will actually complete the program and receive his PhD.

In any case, an article or pronoun is definitely required. A degree is an item (physical or notional) that is received by a person.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pablo , Answer Author : TypeIA

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