Trying to understand the structure of “fear the walking dead”. [closed]

Is it like “fear of walking dead” or as in “I order you to fear the walking dead”? Can one paraphrase this phrase? Isn’t this a so peculiar naming?


As you are no doubt aware, this is called Imperative form (sometimes referred to as mood). It is used to give advice, an order, a warning, an exhortation, etc.

Imperative Form

“Stop!,” “Come here!,” and “Look out!” are all examples of the imperative form.

You can use the imperative form to give an order, a warning, or some advice.

Here it seems to be an exhortation and a warning, similar to Be afraid….Be very afraid.

As a side-note, I don’t believe either of the series use the term “Walking Dead” within the program except with reference to themselves, the survivors. As the plot develops, it becomes apparent that the ones to truly fear are the survivors, who in their struggle to exist in this post-apocalyptic scenario are a danger to themselves and each other.

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