“Two people got hurt and five people died in the tragedy”

Can you say so? In other words, are deaths counted among people that got hurt?

Does it make a difference if you say:

Two people were injured and five people died in the tragedy.

Let’s imagine someone stabbed a knife into someone else. Then the victim is injured and then let’s assume he dies afterwards. Does the victim need to be counted both as injured and killed? Then let’s assume someone died immediately because of a heart attack or something. Does that count as injured?


It depends on the context. In early news reporting, where the aims these days seem to be speed and sensationalism rather than factual accuracy, the focus is likely to be on the number of deaths. Thus you’ll see a headline like:

Five killed in tragedy

Maybe expanded in an article as:

Five people died and two others were injured in the tragedy

But in a formal investigation report of the incident you’re more likely to read:

Injuries: 7 (5 fatal, 2 serious)

Source : Link , Question Author : Johannes Schaub – litb , Answer Author : Brian Nixon

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