Usage of “advancement” for software improvement – correct?

a colleague wrote a new suggestion for a more sophisticated business logic for one of our software processes. She used a title like this “xy advancement for process xy”. That sounds strange to me: I would rather use “improvement” or perhaps “enhancement”. But English is not my native language. My question: Is this usage correct? If yes, is there a slightly different meaning?


Software people are not generally known for their skill at English. (I am not being snippy. I wrote software in the distant past. But most people writing software do not view writing good prose as demanding an art as writing good code and so have not devoted time or thought to writing clear, concise, and exact prose.)

“Advancement” has the connotation of progress through a defined hierarchy.

“Her advancement to Vice President for Sales was rapid.”

“Advance” can be used as a synonym for “improvement.” If what is being described is materially more than incremental, “advance” may imply that better than mere “improvement.”

Source : Link , Question Author : datalog101010 , Answer Author : Jeff Morrow

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