Usage of “provided” and “providing”

I’m not sure if I used the word “provided” in a right way in the following example:

In general, this algorithm solves Fibonacci problem with higher scores rather than the original algorithm, provided/providing reasonable values are selected for stack size and array length.

In this text I want to say that if user choose reasonable variables then it is rightly expected that the mentioned algorithm works better than the original.

Finally, please can you tell me that are “provided” and “providing” the same? which is better to use for scientific papers?


In conversational use, you will encounter both expressions and, as brick notes, provided that which is slightly more formal.

In a scientific paper, I would avoid all of these forms. The link subject to the requirement that makes the status of the caveat crystal clear. If you wanted a less verbose expression, you might try so long as or even if or when.

Source : Link , Question Author : A.Gh , Answer Author : Fortiter

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