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Can you please why author used “there” instead of “this” or “these” in the second sentence( first word)? Thanks for the help 🙂

Dickie is here developing a direction pointed to in the other (and earlier) of the two most influential writings in institutional theory, “The art world” by Arthur Danto (1964) (to which I will return). There , what Danto calls “the atmosphere of theory,” and the historical relatedness or relational properties of the work of art, are identified as essential conditions for arthood.

Source- I got these lines from a textbook on art theories.


First, this and these are neither relative nor pronouns.

Nevertheless, you are surprised to see there used instead of in this or in these (sc. book(s)). This use of a demonstrative adjective would have been perfectly sound.

However, researchers and scholars have for centuries regularly treated books as if they were abstract locations in which ideas, feelings, stories and other literary entities are ‘located’. In the same way, we can speak speak of a reader being distracted and losing her (or his) ‘place’. So Danto’s book is the place ‘where’ the ideas the writer cites are to be found.

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