Usage of verb “hang”

I’m reading a grammar book. The book has a section to determine the right subject and verb. In an example they use

From the ceiling hung the chandelier.

Well, the verb is hung, and the subject is chandelier. But I’m a little bit confused about the usage of the verb hung in this sentence. Shouldn’t it be

The chandelier is hung from the ceiling.

From my Oxford dictionary, hang means to suspend or be suspended from above with the lower part not attached.

Obviously, the chandelier can’t suspend itself. So there is a need to use the passive voice and omit the subject. In this case, the subject is not the chandelier, but the person who suspended. Or may be I’m missing something?


The verb to hang can be transitive or intransitive:

  1. [Transitive] We hung the pictures on the wall.
  2. [Intransitive] The picture hangs in that room.

Both are correct. See the OALD’s definition for further explanations.

Source : Link , Question Author : Omar Abid , Answer Author : Alenanno

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