Use “declaration” to let the readers feel that this sentence is ironic and humourous?

I think this author uses declaration to let the readers feel that this sentence has irony and humour,Am I right? Because the general usage would be “but after I had heard what Lorna said, […].”

Here is the quote:

“I have a 10 o’clock meeting with Patrick Beeman. To discuss what needs to be done.” I suppose I nodded. Freddy wanted me to do my Flesh-Eating Zombie thing, but after Lorna’s declaration, it was beyond me. She said something else that I heard but didn’t really hear, climbed into the car and drove off.


Perhaps in the context of the whole it comes across ironic. (It does to me too, but only just – because of the “Flesh-Eating Zombie thing”.) However, the phrase “Lorna’s declaration” in itself is just a statement.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lincoln , Answer Author : Howard Pautz

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