Use of “as per se”

I have encountered people using as per se.

What does it refer to exactly? What is general sense of its usage?

  1. As per my knowledge.
  2. As per the listing/information provided.
  3. In terms of providing information.
  4. Completely different usage.


Per se” means “inherently”, “inevitably”, “intrinsically”.

The most common use is in sentences like, “Does being a secretary here per se mean that I have to take phone messages?” or “Smoking does not per se mean that you will get lung cancer, but it is a contributing factor.” That is, it is used to express the idea that A always and automatically leads to or causes or implies B.

But that said, none of your examples used “per se“, you used “as per”, which is a different phrase. “As per” means “according to” or “as found in”. Like, “As per paragraph 4.3.2(b) of the contract, you must deliver within three weeks”, or “As per my last email, I will be on vacation next week.” It is used to say what the source of information is for some statement that you have just made or are about to make.

Source : Link , Question Author : madLokesh , Answer Author : Jay

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