Use of ‘My’, first or second person

I have a quick question. On my website I have a short sentence "Register My Interest".

Is this sentence in first or second person?

I think people jump to first person, but in that case please consider the following two sentences.

I went to the beach and I took my ball.

You went to the beach and you took my ball.




This is a command to the computer providing the web service, instructing it to register (i.e. record) the user’s interest. So it’s a second-person imperative sentence.

However, it’s also possible to interpret it as an incomplete statement about what the user is doing when they use the web site, they’re registering their own interest. So it can be viewed as a shortened version of

I am registering my interest

which is in the first person.

But instructions for the user on a web page are often written in the second person as commands, rather than taking the perspective of the user, e.g.

Register your interest by filling out the form below

You might want to ask on User Experience to find out which form is preferable for your site.

Source : Link , Question Author : Stuart Clarke , Answer Author : Barmar

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