Using (be) as a main verb in this form (be) without using auxiliary verbs, is it correct? [closed]

There’s no doubt that “Be happy” and “Don’t be sad.” are correct, and “They be happy” is incorrect.

But is it correct to say:

Why don’t you be more careful?


“Why don’t they be happy?” ?

Why is each of these wrong or right. Is it acceptable to use be and do together in this context?


I think it is difficult to find a counterexample, but “be” can be used in sentences in subjunctive mood:

  • I suggest/advise/recommend that you be quiet
  • It is necessary/essential/imperative/vital that he be here on time.

However, in these examples “be” is not the main verb. The following are examples of phrases where be is the only verb; they are, however, idiomatic expressions (in subjunctive mood)

  • if need be
  • far be it from me
  • be that as it may

More examples with “be” being the only verb can be found:

  • Be you angels? And we said… Nay, we are but men! (Tenacious D.)
  • To be or not to be?

Source : Link , Question Author : Hoshang , Answer Author : Pantelis Sopasakis

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