Verb Meaning to Process Energy?

I’m picturing ‘energy’ here in the context of holding a physical ball of siphoned energy. What is a good verb to encapsulate the overall, general concept of turning, or processing that vibrant energy, into something else? ‘Combust’ has too much of a fiery feel. ‘Transform’ and ‘process’ feel a little vague and lacklustre: they don’t quite capture the sense that we’re dealing with energy as opposed to something a little less intense. Are there some more abstract verbs that readily capture this idea, or perhaps some more common ones I’m forgetting?

In an example sentence: “Joseph _____ the energy he had gathered into something new.”


In this instance, I would use the verb channel. It’s often heard together with ‘energy’.

Lexico gives this definition:

  1. Direct towards a particular end or object.
    ‘the council is to channel public funds into training schemes’

And Collins gives the following examples:

5) If you channel your energies or emotions into something, you concentrate on or do that one thing, rather than a range of things.
Stephen is channelling his energies into a novel called Blue. [VERB noun + into]

Synonyms: direct, guide, conduct, transmit

So your sentence would be:

Joseph channelled the energy he had gathered into something new.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jake , Answer Author : marcellothearcane

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