Verbs for trash in a littering [closed]

What are the verbs for trash in a littering? Throwing away or dumping a trash? Thank you! I have looked it up in Merrian-Webster dictionary but find nothing.


There are a number of verbs used for garbage / trash:

To throw away

To discard

To dump

To dispose of

“Throw away” is the one most commonly applied to garbage:

The US throws away almost half of the food we produce.

You can also use “throw out””

I don’t want this anymore, could you please throw it out for me?

In addition, in AmE, we use “take out the trash/garbage” to describe the act of throwing something away, most often to mean when you take a household trash bag to an outside garbage can:

As one of his chores, my son is supposed to take out the trash every day, but he usually forgets.

Litter is a specific kind of trash, usually to mean the stuff you see randomly discarded in public places and not properly placed in a trash can. Littering is the act of creating litter, to throw something out on the ground or anywhere other than a proper trash can.

Some other notes. In AmE it’s “garbage” or “trash” while in BrE it’s “rubbish”. The large receptacle to hold trash in AmE is a “trash can” or “garbage can” (although “bin” is becoming more common instead of “can”) while in BrE it’s “dustbin” or “rubbish bin”.

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