Wake up in the middle of night

Yesterday, I suddenly woke up at midnight in the middle of terrible dream.

Sometimes, when you have bad dream, you wake up suddenly scared. So when say about this to another person, what is better word to use instead of “woke up”?

I came to know about a word “bolts up”. But I’m for some other word that native speaker use.


I don’t think there is a better word. A large majority of the time, I’d probably use the verb wake in that context.

There’s the verb started, which means:

start (verb) give a small jump or make a sudden jerking movement from surprise or alarm (NOAD)

but that word also means to begin, and is seen more often in that context, so I couldn’t say that started is a “better” word, even if it is closer to the meaning you want.

Some ways you could intensify “woke up” might include:

  • I was suddenly jarred awake
  • I was suddenly jolted awake
  • I suddenly woke up startled

If you look through this search result and this search result, you’ll see several instances of jolted awake and jarred awake in published works.

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : J.R.

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