Ways to limit/narrow the list

How to arrow/limit the text that comes after some broader meaning.
For example:
Several models have been proposed in the field of mathematics and engineering. Now I want to limit my further discussion on engineering field neglect the other one. How to make a transition?


If you’re going to distinguish between the two fields, you’ll want to say "…in the fields of mathematics and engineering."

Along with JonLarby’s suggestion of

"Those models specific to engineering…" (i.e., the models that are only used in engineering)

you might say

"The engineering models…" or "The models corresponding to (or related to or associated with or typically used in) engineering…" (i.e., the models that use engineering techniques or are well suited to engineering applications).

You might also begin the following sentence with

Focusing our attention on the engineering models, we find that …

In the context of engineering, …

but these choices all leave open the possibility that you will later discuss the mathematics-associated models. To eliminate this possibility in the reader’s mind, you might say

We restrict the scope of our discussion to the engineering models.

Our discussion is limited to models used in an engineering context.

Here, we discuss only the engineering models.

where the last option is simple, effective, and appropriate for a technical discussion.

Source : Link , Question Author : Aureja Zelvyte , Answer Author : Chemomechanics

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