“We have lot of money” or “We have a lot of money”

1) We have lot of money.

2) We have a lot of money.

Which is correct?

I say “we have lot of money.”

Google says “we have a lot of money” is correct.


“We have a lot of money” is correct. “a lot” is the correct phrase, not simply “lot”. “lot” is a singular noun, so it usually requires a determiner – in this case “a”.

However, and this is probably what is confusing here, there is also the word “lots”. “We have lots of money” is also correct, as “a lot of” and “lots of” have the same meaning.

Therefore, these are also correct:

  • “We have a lot of cars” and “We have lots of cars”.
  • “I know a lot of people” and “I know lots of people”.

Source : Link , Question Author : T2E , Answer Author : user98085

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