“We walked around with Joe” or “I walked around with Joe”

I was out with a friend today (only me and him), and I told my girlfriend that “we walked around with Joe“, and she asked me who else was there besides Joe. When I told her that it was only me and Joe, she said that I should have said “I walked around with Joe“.

When I say “We walked around with Joe.”, does it imply that there was more than one person with me?


“We walked around with Joe” implies that there were at least three people there. The action in this sentence is “walking around with Joe,” which Joe is not doing. Joe is Joe. Joe is not walking with Joe. The subject of the sentence is whoever is doing the action. Since Joe is not doing the action, he is not included as a subject of the sentence. The only subject is you, so the correct sentence is, “I walked around with Joe.”

Source : Link , Question Author : hattenn , Answer Author : Daniel

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