Wha does “Sunday out “ means

Thisis from Woody Allen movie – Manhattan – Hello Yale, I am sorry for calling …
Well,no,no nothings wrong
Well I just thought that it”s Sunday out
and maybe if you could get away we could go for a walk or ..

My question is why did they say “Sunday out rather than “Sunday”


It means it’s Sunday outside.

It’s like saying it’s raining out which simply means it’s raining outside. Or it’s cold out, which just indicates the outdoor temperature.

Out is unnecessary for the literalism of the expression, however it’s often used in a way to figuratively express that fact that the person saying it, or the person being told it, is inside and currently unaffected by the situation.

If you’re indoors, then your inside world (dry or warm) is different from the outside world (wet or cold).

Similarly, if you’ve taken a week off work and have holed up in your home, what particular day it is outside in the real world may be something that either isn’t affecting you or you may actually be unaware of. Without the need to check a calendar or perform any day-based tasks, and in an extreme case, you may actually be unaware of what day it is.

Without knowing the specific context of this movie (I haven’t seen it), the person being called, Yale, might have secluded themself indoors for a prolonged period of time, and the caller is simply letting them know what day it is outside in the real world.

Or out could just have been thrown in as a manner of speaking in the same way that it’s raining out or it’s cold out is often said, even though, strictly speaking, the out part is redundant.

Source : Link , Question Author : THEGreatGatsby , Answer Author : Jason Bassford

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