What alternative would you suggest to “in/with regard(s?) to”?

I see in many of the “corporate emails” I receive the expression: “in regard to“.
Sometimes, it is also written “in regards to”.

First, to be sure:

  • “in regards to” (with an extra ‘s’) is incorrect, right?
  • in” or “with regard to”: are they strictly equivalent?

Then, the expression sounds a bit too wordy to me.
Is there any simpler alternative?
If yes, is there any context when that simpler alternative should not been used? (i.e. when “in regard to” is actually more appropriate)


I think only very pedantic people would consider “in regards to” to be actually incorrect.

I don’t see any difference in meaning between “in” or “with regard to”. This is just another example where preposition meaning is so vague that variants make little or no difference.

You haven’t given specific examples of the use you are thinking of, but “In regard to x” should always be replaceable by “Regarding x”, which in most contexts will probably sound as good or better.

Source : Link , Question Author : VonC , Answer Author : Alan Hogue

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