what are the best answers to these tests?

I wanted to know your comments about answers of questions 51 and 52 in the bellow picture.
I think “Sat” is better for 52 and “Happy” for 51, but the answers in legal answer sheet are different, and I wanted to protest if answers were wrong.



51: Jack is responding to her wanting to get a job; he claims that his income makes this unnecessary, so the only characterization of her desire which makes sense is “silly”.

52: There’s no answer which makes this a coherent sentence. There are two possibilities; either

  1. A subject (presumably She) has been omitted at the beginning. If this is the case you need a finite verb, and since the passage is cast in the past tense, it must be sat: She sat around the house doing nothing and she began to get fat.
  2. The and in the middle is an error, and should be replaced with a comma. If this is the case, the front clause must act as an adverbial or adjectival adjunct. Only Sitting provides this syntax: Sitting around the house doing nothing, she began to get fat.

I suggest you point the error out to your examiners. If the exam was prepared by an ordinary overworked underpaid teacher, it’s understandable; that sort of thing can happen, and your teacher will probably be happy to be corrected and impressed by your sharpness. If not, it will reflect well on both of you to pretend that it is an inadvertent error which your insight permits the teacher to correct!

But if the exam was prepared by a governmental or academic authority, or by a commercial operation, and the results of the exam are seen by anybody but the students and teachers themselves and used to make decisions regarding your academic and financial future, this is disgraceful negligence and should be strongly protested.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mr.questioner , Answer Author : StoneyB on hiatus

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