What are these pieces of cooking equipment called?

I decided to write down all the recipes I know to my website in English. However, I realized that I do not know what many common items are called. To make things even more confusing, I do not know if all the foods (or the equipment to prepare them) even exist in English-speaking countries. I have found various translations, but they do not seem to be very exact and it remains unclear what kind of an item I am speaking of.

How should I call these items so that it is clear what I’m talking about?

Item 1: glass or metal, diameter about 24-30cm. Height about 5cm. Used to bake salty or sweet pies (or at least we would call it a pie).

pie-baking item

Item 2: metal, used to bake sweet… cakes? that are dry. Diameter about 25cm.

dry cake thing

Item 3: metal, used to bake sweet cakes that are not dry. Diameter varies, usually between 20 and 30cm. Removable bottom.

cake-baking item

Item 4: usually glass, used to bake a variety of foods (not pies or cakes) in the oven.

glass baking thing


American here. These are the terms I would know them by:

  1. Pie Pan (metal)/pie dish (glass)
  2. Bundt cake pan
  3. Springform pan
  4. Baking dish

Source : Link , Question Author : Manuel Britt , Answer Author : UnhandledExcepSean

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