What could be a dictionary approved, synonymous alternative for ‘intentful’?

In sentence:

“I was intentful on the completion of the work today.”

I’d thought of using the following sentence too:

“I was desirous about completing the work today.”

But, it doesn’t sound as appropriate to me, as it wasn’t merely a desire or a wish that was being harbored, but the thought was more toward the ambition. The more proper and correct term, intent, suggested by a commenter, does seem usable. But, it still feels lacking, as it’s too infested with intention to me. Like, it emphasizes more toward the intention?

Desire vs Intentful — as I distinguish:
The former would be just a wish a person would hold, while Intentful may lean more toward sketching a methodology into achieving one’s goal.


Rewrite it.
I’d use “I had hoped to complete the work today.”
I’m not grasping your problem with ‘intent’ or ‘intended’ and the distinction you’re making between hope, what you planned, desired and ‘ambition.’

But if it matters to you, just say it: “It was my ambition to complete the work today;” or “my intent and ambition was to complete the work today.” Most readers won’t notice the redundancy.

American Heritage, the OED and M-W all define ‘ambition’ by using the word ‘desire.’
M-W list of synonyms for ambition also includes: aim, aspiration, goal, intent, intention, object, objective, plan, and target.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bao , Answer Author : Norbert

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