What do I call these things in English?

I use them quite often but I’m not sure what to call them. Their pictures appear in these links.

Should I call what is depicted in the first link a water spray bottle or a water sprayer? The picture in the second link is a black thingI put CDs through. Can I call it a pole or spindle?


The first is often called a mister – a device, such as a bottle, with a nozzle for spraying a mist of water, esp. on houseplants.

The second is often called a CD cakebox, defined by Google as…

1: A storage container for a round layer cake, with a surrounding cover that protects and preserves the cake.
2: A similarly shaped package for blank, recordable compact discs, with a central spindle on which discs are stacked.

As implied by that second definition, if OP specifically wants to refer to the “pole” in the middle, it’s always called the spindle.

Source : Link , Question Author : nkm , Answer Author : FumbleFingers

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