What do we mean by “Mastering the elements”

In our company, there are several values to respect, all the employees must have these values and practice them, on the other hand the company too has its principles and qualities, one of these qualities is called “Mastering the elements”. I did not get much what this quality mean, can someone please make it clear?


Mastering the elements

The usage is very figurative (extended even further by using it as a form of business babble), so I can’t really point to a dictionary definition of the words themselves.

In this context, “the elements” refers to “everything that factors into the whole”.

Imagine if I wanted to become a pastry chef. I would have to learn many skills:

  • Making the batter.
  • Baking the cake.
  • Decorating the cake.

Let’s assume that these are the only skills needed, for the sake of simplicity. “The elements” would refer to these three skills.

Now, if I wanted to become a renowned pastry chef, I would have to make amazing cakes that are superior to others’ cakes. I would have to become exceptionally skilled in all three skills to achieve this.

Therefore, I would practice and try to master the elements, so my result (the cake, the combination of all the skills) will be superior.

So if I had to rephrase

Mastering the elements.

I would say

Being the best at every skill that positively influences the quality of our end product.

It doesn’t sound as catchy, but it conveys the same message.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mourad , Answer Author : Flater

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