What do you call a piece of ribbon facing you the lining side?

I am having a hard time giving a name to the element representing a folded piece of a ribbon like can be seen on the picture:

enter image description here

There is a word for it in my native language, but unfortunately there is no entry for it in the dictionary, so chances are there is no direct translation.


Sorry for puzzling you. The “ribbon” is what you see of the light-blue color where the word “Product” can be seen. The element in question is the orange triangle that represents a piece of that ribbon facing us with the back side. I understand it could be hard to comprehend.


If OP is interested in the fact that the “orange triangle” shows the opposite side of the strip to that bearing the word “Product”, I’d call it the obverse.

Normally, the “obverse” of a coin, for example, is the one with the monarch’s head, or the principal design. But in other contexts I usually think of it as meaning “the other side*. Here’s an instance of the obverse of the label where it clearly means the underside of the label.

When referring to the entire folded portion as an object (as opposed to simply identifying the now-visible reverse face of the strip of material), I’d call that folded portion a…

cleat – a strip fastened across something to give strength or hold in position

Source : Link , Question Author : Trident D’Gao , Answer Author : FumbleFingers

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