What does “a sock full of pennies” mean?

I watched Seinfeld S09E12 The Reverse Pipehole, there are lines like this:

KRAMER: Newman and I are reversing the peepholes on our door. So you
can see in.


NEWMAN: To prevent an ambush.

KRAMER: Yeah, so now I can peek to see if anyone is waiting to jack me
with a sock full of pennies.

and this:

JERRY: So, Silvio ambushed Joe Mayo?

ELAINE: Yeah, he was waitin’ inside his apartment for him with a sock
full of pennies.

JERRY: He should have had a reverse peephole.

What does “a sock full of pennies” means? Is it an idiom or slang? Does it really mean a sock full of pennies?


“A sock full of pennies”, refers to the act of filling a sock full of pennies, to use as a weapon.

Usually, it was filling the sock full of sand, so that it can be used as a sandbag to slug the back of someone’s head. Obviously the “sock full of pennies” was being used for a sinister purpose, as Elaine said that the person was “waiting inside his apartment for him”.

The “sock full of pennies” was an improvised sandbag in order to have a weapon to inflict damage.

Source : Link , Question Author : lamwaiman1988 , Answer Author : Thursagen

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