what does “being of concern” mean in this sentence?

I can’t understand the meaning of concern here:

therefore a topic such as how to go about recording and preserving interview data is methodological, while interpretation and reliability of oral histories would be a theoretical topic, although one can hopefully see how the two often end up being of concern at the same time for researchers who are interviewing elderly musicians to learn about the musical past, for example.


An “object of concern” is something which is of particular interest to someone. “Being of concern” expresses this same idea in a gerund phrase which modifies “the two” — which is to say, both “recording and preserving interview data” and “interpretation and reliability of oral histories”.

In other words, the author is saying these two topics are both of concern to certain researchers.

There are of course more direct ways to say this, but your example is grammatical.

Source : Link , Question Author : Maryam , Answer Author : Andrew

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