What does “capital of Dénué” mean?

Anchor: We’re live today in the Democratic Republic of Niberia. As we
go on air, we’re getting reports that thousands of troops…loyal to
General Charles Motomba’s Revolutionary Freedom Front… are moving
towards the capital of Dénué.

What does "capital of Dénué" mean?

Source: The International (2009)


In this context, it could have two meanings.

The most literal interpetation is that the rebels are moving towards some unnamed city which is the capital of a region or province called Dénué.

However what the anchor person probably meant is that the rebels are moving towards the capital city of Niberia, and this city is called Dénué. If you were writing this you would probably say "are moving towards the capital, Dénué". However a comma is difficult to pronounce so the anchor inserted "of" without really thinking about it.

Source : Link , Question Author : Elena K , Answer Author : Paul Johnson

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