What does “credit card sized” mean?

Just about any site mentioning Raspberry Pi computer will say it’s credit card sized. Yes, length and width of Raspberry Pi exactly match those of a credit card, but a creadit card is 0.76 millimeters thick and Raspberry Pi is 17 millimeters thick and so it’s 22,4 times thicker.

In my native language being 22 times thicker than a credit card disqualifies a thing from being credit card sized even when length and width match those of a credit card.

In English what exactly does credit card sized mean? Does it include all dimensions or only length and width?


The term “credit card sized” generally just refers to the two longest dimensions. It is not normally used to indicate that the object is also the same thickness as a credit card.

Source : Link , Question Author : sharptooth , Answer Author : Community

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