what does “Evidence-based monitoring” mean in the following passage?

Research on Research

the European Research Commission now plans to launch a set of studies designed to further develop an evidence-based monitoring system on progress towards the European Research Area (ERA). In particular, the studies should serve as an evidence base for analysis of the contribution of research to economic growth, as well as the impact of research policies and programmes on the competitiveness of Europe.Six research themes were selected: investments in joint research programmes; internationalisation of business investments in R&D; structural changes in sectors affected by R&D investment; patent costs; knowledge transfer, assessed by patent and licensing data; and bibliometric indicators. Although the six studies will be fully independent of each other, they are defined to be consistent in terms of their methodology and geographical coverage, allowing the results to be combined to provide a broad overview.

What do they mean as evidence base for monitoring or what kind system is evidence-based monitoring system?


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