What does ‘Half-Offeus’ mean?

Recently I happened to watch Married With Children Ep 507. In that episode, the dad (Al Bundy) was explaining why he took a header by a granite statue in the wishing pond:

…when I slipped on some wishing-pond slime, and took a header
right into the granite statue of the goddess of the malls: Half-Offeus.

I don’t understand what ‘half-offeus’ means.
Could anybody help me out on this?


Half-Offeus is probably a nonce; in other words, a “one-off”, and so impossible to find in a dictionary.

It would be heard as “half-off” (in other words, a discount of 50%) plus eus to make it sound like a god such as Morpheus, or Prometheus. It would be readily understood by a native speaker, but possibly opaque to a non-native speaker.

This is probably an example of productivity in linguistics, a situation in which native speakers use a certain type of creativity (and some intuitive grammatical process) to express new ideas during word formation.

With the exception of schm reduplication and zero-derivation, there is little room for productivity in English, unless you are writing sitcoms for television, or struggling to express something in everyday speech for which there is no adequate word.

Source : Link , Question Author : user331966 , Answer Author : Cascabel

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