what does “hold fat cats’ paws to the fire” mean?

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the fourth line :

  1. gravity-defying: I think i can figure what it means – their pay is so high – but I don’t get it that the way the two words combine. I mean, I can’t see these two words’ relation.

the seventh line

  1. hold fat cat’s paws to the fire … what?? is it a metaphor or sth? why they need to hold a fat cat, and why they have to hold their caws to the fire.. cruel…


“Fat cat” is an idiom for a wealthy person Lexico:

informal, derogatory

A wealthy and powerful person, especially a
business person or politician.

To “hold someone’s feet to the fire” means to apply persuasive pressure Lexico:

Put pressure on a person or organization in order to obtain a desired

“Gravity-defying” is a common idiom meaning, well, to defy gravity. Imagine a tightrope walker, eg. Apt to fall at any moment.

Source : Link , Question Author : sullivan , Answer Author : Hot Licks

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