What does mean “unparalleled run” in context of publication of books

What does mean “unparalleled run” in context of publication of books?


Unknown Dimension is what you might call a Specialist publishing house– we traffic in the weird, the ahead-of-its-time, the lost-but-not-forgotten-by-a-small-but-dedicated-group-of-plugged-in-bibliophiles type of out-there mass-market-shunning visionary expression that refuses to be taken on anything but its own terms. We’ve had an unparalleled run since our inception four years ago, unearthing and reviving, Christ- (or Zombie-)like, timeless works such as N.N. Bestman’s Message of the Snakemen, IT’S INSIDE ME! by Jens Keller, and Emil Krieger’s oft-banned Venusian Fleshtraders.


In general, an unparalleled run is a string of events, efforts, or results that nobody else is able to match. The term is generally used to highlight someone’s (or something’s) success in a chosen field.

The idea behind the expression is that if you arrange your results along a timeline, then in order for someone else to have a line that is parallel to yours, they would have to have just as many good results in just as short of a time period as you did; but your results were so exceptional that there is nobody else that was able to achieve so much, so quickly, and therefore everyone else’s graph will diverge from yours.

Source : Link , Question Author : Igor V. Novokshonov , Answer Author : Hellion

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