What does “plus funding in kind” mean?

In this Newsweek report, to says the following:

The report claims that since 2004, Jebb has served as the sole or co-principal investigator on 10 research projects funded with £1.37 million ($2.1 million) in industry money, “plus funding in kind.”

What does "plus funding in kind" means in this paragraph? Is such funding included in $2.1 million or not? And why is it quoted in quotes?


Check in kind definition, sense 1:

1) in goods or produce instead of money

So it means he received some other goods or services that have some value but are not money (or can be sold/exchanged directly for money). Their value would be considered “funds” received for financial reporting purposes.

The quotes probably are because that was the wording in the report.

Source : Link , Question Author : CYC , Answer Author : user3169

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