What does “See me” mean when written on a student’s assignment?

What does the phrase “See me” mean? This was written on the student’s finished assignment.


It’s an imperative (an order/instruction) with the implied subject you omitted. Basically, it means…

“[You are instructed to come and] see me“. (because I want to talk to you about your assignment)

Back when I was at school (a long time ago! 🙂 “See me” was a pretty common thing for teachers to write in your homework book. And “See me after class” was a common instruction given to disruptive pupils (who would normally expect a severe “telling off” for whatever behaviour caused them to be singled out).

Context is everything, but I expect most students would rather not find “See me” on their homework. Most likely they’ll be getting some [potentially lengthy] complaint, rather than praise or in-depth discussion.

Source : Link , Question Author : Igor V. Novokshonov , Answer Author : FumbleFingers

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