What does ‘the Kardashians’ mean in the context of the Treasury Department’s sending a prepaid card to many Americans?

I saw the following sentence in today’s Washington Post.
I understand that ‘the Kardashian’ is picked up from a popular American reality TV series, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’.
But I don’t understand what ‘the Kardashians’ signify in this particular context of the government’s attempt at stimulating the economy (or helping needies). Please teach me.

“Uncle Sam follows ‘the Kardashians’ into prepaid card market:

Uncle Sam wants you to have a prepaid card, and he’s not the only one. ¶ The Treasury Department is sending letters to 600,000 people this week encouraging them to sign up to receive their tax return on a new government-issued prepaid card as part of a pilot program to help those with limited acc…”


I suppose it means the government follows the example and action of the Kardashians by trying also to launch a prepaid card (like the Kardashians did).

To juxtapose the two “entities” (the “Treasury Department” on one side and “the Kardashians” on the other) probably means the idea is questionable, considering it (The treasury) might not follow the best role model out there.
It is at least a way to illustrate the vast number and variety of actors in that particular market.
The debate will center around fees associate with those “debit cards”.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yoichi Oishi , Answer Author : VonC

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