What does V.C. mean here?

This is a quote from Franz Schubert’s diary, translated from German to English.

Today I composed for money for the first time. Namely, a cantata for the name day of Professor Watteroth, words by Draexler. The fee is two florins. V.C.

What I don’t understand is the end of the quote, V.C. I looked up, but no definition seemed to be right when it is used in one’s diary.

Does anybody have a clue?

Thank you.

(As a non-native English-speaker, I assumed this is about English language. If not, please let me know and I will delete it, immediately.)


From a comment:

This alternative translation of the same text says: A cantata for the name day of Professor Watteroth. The honorarium 100 florins, Viennese currency. – FumbleFingers

Source : Link , Question Author : kimweonill , Answer Author : marcellothearcane

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