What is a proper way to write this headline!

A full curfew/lockdown executed/implemented/applied in Iraq last midnight, and it will continue for 10 days.

Is it curfew or lockdown? Because pharmacies, food, and grocery stores are allowed to open. Is it executed, implemented, or applied? What is the difference between all of them?


A curfew usually applies to a limited number of hours in a day, for example, dusk to dawn, or 11 PM to 6 AM.
A lockdown could last all day, everyday until lifted.

If some stores are allowed to remain open, presumably their customers are allowed to patronize them. That would be some sort of limited lockdown, with exceptions that would have to be published.

Implemented and applied seem more likely than executed. Another possibility: put in place. Implemented suggests that steps were taken to establish the rule, while applied doesn’t focus on steps; but that is looking for fine distinctions that a writer may not pay attention to.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hozan Ali , Answer Author : Jack O’Flaherty

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